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Thai Iron Foundry

Our Product

Our Mission :

To provide high performance products, at affordable rates

Product :

Thai Iron Foundry Co.,Ltd. Is the company who produce Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Iron more than 30 years. In our factory has Line Automatic Molding Machine that can produce the job size 0.2 to 50 Kgs. And it has well control to have the good lead time control, appearance of product until now we are as everyone knows in Automotive Industry, Electric Motor Industry, Agricultural Machine Industry and Water Pump and Valves Industry

Main Product.

  • Automotive Industry: Bracket Compressor, Disc Brakes,
  • Press Plate Clutches, Cylinders for motorcycle, etc.
  • Electric Motor Industry: End Brackets, Balance Weights, etc.
  • Agricultural Engine Industry: Casing, Casing Covers, Idlers
  • Water Pumps, Truck Rollers, Check Valves, etc.
  • Valve and other related components industry:
  • Housing Valves, Butterfly Valves, etc
End Brackets

Water Pumps

Ebro Butterfly Valves

Truck Rollers

Press Plate Clutch

Disk Brake

Cylinder for Motorcycle

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